The Lemurian Priestess

The Lemurian Priestess

Originally placed in our genetic code in Lemuria, we carry the memory of our gifts, skills and capabilities in the crystalline Merkaba of our DNA cellular memory. When awakened and revealed, we bring these tools to our lives to use today.”  Amber Wolf, Ph.D

The sea, whales and sky

Golden motes of sunlight sparkle on the water and make Leana squint as she looks out into the ocean.  

She knows that the krill are spawning because of the tickling sensation she receives on her forearms as she stands on the seashore, arms raised straight above her head in water Goddess prayer position, palms facing the water. If she was in the water with the krill, they would tickle her exactly this way.

The opening prayer, as usual, gives her the vision of a whale’s eye transmitting energy to her third eye, rapidly followed by the flickering images of the eyes of every other ocean living creature as she tunes in to her energetic awareness of Gaia’s living children in the water.  As she turns to the East slightly, the tickling sensation on her arms diminishes, turning back to the center and then slightly to the West, the sensation increases.

In her mind’s eye, a blue whale family hails her telepathically and connects with her thoughts, vibrating their calls through the deep dark water, a calf and two adults, one the mother, the other a younger relative.  

The krill will be plentiful, so that will mean other mammals and fish will also be present for the feast as the plankton blooms and the krill feed, all in the great circle of the mother.  

Leana chants her thanks and radiates the energy of love from her heart chakra to the whale family and to the Mother, Gaia, who offers such bounty as always with openness, trust and love.  

Despite the intense cold, her feet are bare in the surf, the physical connection needed so that she can use her trained and intuitive body-mind to read the energy of the ocean for the good of her people, and to share her love with the Mother as she prays.

Later it will be Leana’s job to deliver this information to Lemuria’s North Shore fisher village folk, along with any details she can glean about winds and tides during the times and days the chant is now helping her to access.

She takes her time, knowing that this intricate level of connection is the most sacred task she can perform as a Le(Mu)rian Priestess.  She has trained for this work her whole life, being born a moon maiden and knowing her body and its’ energetic responses intimately even as a very small child.

 In this land and during this time, the high level of energetic awareness and sensitivity demonstrated by Leana is revered and sought out.  All who work with it know it is a sacred human tool, resulting in good eating, survival, and growth of the tribes on the ocean-bound island of Mu.  What is sacred must be saved, since it saves us and holds us up.

Leana is tall and strongly made and wears a soft tan prayer outfit.  Her green eyes, framed by dark lashes. continue to squint out over the ocean, seeing the scene but yet not seeing, sensing the energy of the vast ocean, the movement of the tides, and the slow turn of the planet she is standing upon.  

The chant she sings increases in power and energy, the Other People and Ancestors present in her mind guiding the words, the tone and the speed of the chant.  This method enables Leana to be embodied, yet to connect with the lattice of life, which is not visible to the human eye most of the time but connects all there is to all that needs to be known.  

Unbidden, the image of a perfect pink and white snail shell is shown to her minds’ eye, turning and whirling as if held in place by a tunnel of wind.  Leana knows this personal symbol well.  It means that the krill and perhaps even herring will cluster in a huge bait ball, rather than being spread out and more diffused.  This will help the fisherfolk decide which nets to use and increase the catch.

The chanting begins to slow.  This is a process that Leana knows how to allow, the energy from the energetic lattice of the Mother fills her, is decoded and read as her conscious mind chants and her innate awareness expands into a loving connection with All That Is.  

The chant is her, rather than her singing a chant.  She finishes by falling silent and waiting for any internal body signals to tell her more about the right time to fish, what the weather conditions will be, and the timing of the tides and currents.  More data flows in and she memorizes it visually.  Her work is complete.  

Coming back completely into everyday awareness, Leana steps back onto the drier sand and enjoys the feeling of warmth and connection with the Mother.

Leana thinks about her Sister Brother gathering tonight.  It is a full moon and all will be working together using the frequencies of the 12 wisdoms.

When a Mu priestess or priest is identified as skill-full as a child, older members of the sect take time to help each child access their own unique talents, skills, and abilities through energetic and spiritual focus.  The Records of each child’s Ancient Ones are accessed over time also, since Past Lives can be a rich source of previous talents, awareness, and methods which a child can then recreate easily in This Life, picking up where they left off from leaning into the Wind of Transition last time they passed from incarnation.

Leana is skilled in several of The Wisdoms, but not all, as are most of her sisters and brethren.  All understand that as part of the whole, their energy is unique and yet connected, so that through spiritual practice, thought transference, chanting, prayer and ceremony they can bring together their skills and gifts into one powerful symphony for change, growth and awareness.

Her feet dry now from the breeze, Leana sweeps off the sand particles and sits down to bind on her soft foot coverings.  Immediately she sees a pink and white snail shell embedded in the sand.  With a quiet ‘Aho’ to the mother, she slips the shell into her waist bag, knowing that as a powerful totem, both within and without, there is a use for the shell later.  It could be anything, a gift to a brother or sister, an addition to jewelry.  She knows better than to think about it but places her thoughts into the open space of potentials where the use of the shell will be recognized and interpreted when it arises.

Finishing her bindings with soft blue hemp strips, she stands up and stretches, beginning to deepen her breathing to enable her to skip up the long stone escarpment and rough-hewn steps that lead to the scrub, trees and higher plainlands where her home resides with the other priests and priestesses of Mu.  She starts to move, and breaks into a jog, under her breath singing the 12 Wisdoms song as she moves on and up.  Each Wisdom when spoken is emphasized by the touch of a leaf as she passes bushes and trees, or the slap of her feet on the stone in time to her chant.

“Of the Mother we are hewn

From spirit to stone

From Earth to tree

One with the 12 Wisdoms we are

And when we see our own Star

We know it

The Wisdom of Movement

The Wisdom of Animals

The Wisdom of Love and Feeling

The Wisdom of the Life Cycle

The Wisdom of Knowing

The Wisdom of the Eye

The Wisdom of the Storm

The Wisdom of Fire

The Wisdom of Trees

The Wisdom of the Other People

The Wisdom of the Ancestors

The Wisdom of the New

All these are so

The priestess can grow

From spirit to stone

From Earth to tree

I am one with you

And you are one with me.”

From a book in progress “Narcissist Groom, Empath Bride”, by Sarah Lawrence.

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